Emergenza Festival


The “Emergenza Festival” europe contest finished with few satisfaction to our. We arrived to the final province round.

For three consecutives times, we was played in the Livorno “Cage Theater” one of most important stages in Tuscany, and the results have been very positive, as we can see from the review made by the jury professionals.

“The band Mhela offer a genre hard to define but very interesting. The influences are mostly metal, rock and pop in a crossover powerful and original. The singer, from Ecuador, interacts very well with the people. He hasa voice well with a pop stamp that contrasts well with chorus setting, added with growls and screams typically metal. Very good the rhythmic section. To the care of the arrangements they unite a great variety of style,thanks to the contribuition of music sequences and bases that do the job. Good look, they keep the stage very welland offer an energetic performance, with a beautiful ballad sung in spanish that shows new traits. Overall a great project with great potential, with a great spanish ballad that reveal others facets of the band.”

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