The need to express their emotions through one of the most extreme kinds of music leads to the birth of MHELA: group characterized by strong influences coming by the alternative/new metal and symphonic metal. Their music reflects their experiences, their anguish, their nightmares and their weak points that are transformed into strengths.


MHELA are a Surrealist/Alternative italian metal band, born in January 2013. The is composed by singer Erick “Steve Low”, drummer Michele “Splash” Sestito, bassist Mattia Giannini ang gutarist Andrea Zucchini. Originally the band had a fifth member, keyboardist Federico Carraro, who got out in December 2016. The genre can be described as an Alternative metal with symphonic influences. Their “aggressive” sound is inspired by bands like: Korn, System of a Down and Nightwish. The band includes a “pop” component characterised especially by the singer’s voice, who finds inspiration from bands like: A Perfect Circle, Subsonica, Damian Marley and Skunk Anansie.

The lyrics are based on nightmares, fears,anxieties, frustations and others psychological problems that afflicts the generations today. The choice of the language in our lyrics changes between spanish and english, depending bythe track. The lyrics are not etirely written by the singer, there is a community work between the members who tries to bring out their own stories and those of other characters.

In 2015, MHELA released their first demo, made it possible by the victory in the contest ” La Meglio Gioventù”. Later on the band releases his first videoclip ” Vampires Don’t Sleep”. In 2018 the band releases his first single “Night With Spirits” with his videoclip, in various sites like Metal Hammer Italy and Metal in Italy. Few days later “ES” came out, an album completely indipendent, produced by Michele Bertocchini at the “Tana Del Lupo” recording studio The album graphics are made by Tiziana Podda. ES is composed of seven tracks, it had space in varous sites and had positive reviews by Offering Web Magazine (Finland). The album is avaible physically or digitally on bandcamp. During their career MHELA had the chance to share the stage with various bands like: Carved, Moderntears, Amber Town, Trevor (Sadist’s singer) and others. right now the band is promoting the album while working on some new materials.